Do Flyers Still Work?

January 26, 2016
By: Voldico

They can -- if you do them right.

In our technological world, advertising an insurance agency with old fashioned paper flyers might seem like a waste of money. And you may be right. 

If all you're doing is throwing together what amounts to an 8.5” x 11” business card and distributing it indiscriminately throughout town, you are wasting money.

But it’s not because flyers don’t work. It’s because you’re not applying basic time-tested advertising technique to make them work.

Besides making the flyer look good (which is important), consider your messaging and your targeting.

Hook Them With the Right Message

Most agents make the mistake of using their business name as the headline for their flyer. 

A flyer is not a business card -- it’s an ad.

An ad has to capture the attention of your potential customers, which means you should focus the headline on what’s in it for them. 

  • Stop overpaying for auto insurance!
  • Need insurance? Let us do the shopping!
  • Want to know how to save hundreds on home insurance?

Once you’ve come up with the perfect headline for your target audience, the rest will fall into place much easier. Tell them how you can solve their insurance problems and make their lives easier. 

Then end with a strong call to action, like “Call now for a free quote comparison from several top insurance carriers.”

Reach the Right Audience

Crafting an irresistible message to your target audience won’t do much good if they’re not seeing the flyers. 

Whether it’s a staff member or a hired service, make sure you provide detailed instructions on where to distribute your flyer.

If you’re selling homeowners insurance, it wouldn’t make sense to deliver the flyers to an apartment building. 

But if you’re attempting to hook potential customers with the possibility of saving on auto insurance, passing out flyers in the parking lot of a kids’ soccer game could be just the ticket. 

It’s a mistake to think of flyers as a dead marketing tactic. Promoting your agency using a flyer method can work as long as you’re creating a great ad and putting it in the hands of the right people.