Build a Welcome Kit for New Insurance Customers

February 1, 2016
By: Voldico

We all know selling insurance is hard -- but so is keeping customers!

As an independent agent in this competitive industry, you’re more likely to lose a new customer within the first 30 days than any other time.

It might not seem fair, but it’s the truth. 

Your customers have lots of options to choose from, and if you’re not proactively showing them why you’re an amazing agent to work with, you will lose customers. 

So what’s the solution? It may be as simple as your Welcome Kit. 

What Is a Welcome Kit?

A Welcome Kit can be a lot of things. But the best kits give new customers insight into how your agency operates as a team and as a member of the community. 

Do you have an awesome staff? Have you been a part of the community for decades? Do you give back to local organizations? Put it in your Welcome Kit.

This is your chance to show them that they made the right decision choosing you over your competitors. 

Need Some Ideas?

Like we said, a Welcome Kit could be many things, but here are some ideas to get you started --

  1. A welcome letter. Typically, the first page of your kit is a letter welcoming them as a new customer, giving them an overview of your agency, and explaining the contents of the Welcome Kit.
  2. Agency history. Does your agency have an interesting history that grounds you as a longtime member of the community? Tell customers about it!
  3. Staff bios. You should also consider adding a page with staff bios and contact information. If your customers can put a face to the name, they’re more likely to stick around.
  4. Community involvement. Do you contribute to the betterment of your community? Dedicate a page to the ways you give back. The goal is not to brag but to show you’re invested in the community.
  5. Claim Q&A. Most people don’t think about insurance until they have to. And that usually means they need to make a claim. Create a simple guide that answers frequently asked questions about what to do when they need to make a claim.
  6. Testimonials. If your other customers love working with you, why not dedicate a page to testimonials? Provide several short testimonials to reassure the customer that you were a good choice.
  7. Referral programs. For many agents, referrals are a big part of their advertising. Make it easy for customers to make referrals by detailing your referral program.

That’s certainly not everything, but it’s a great start. Use these suggestions as inspiration for creating your own Welcome Kit. You’ll be glad you did.