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We help agents like you succeed in today's challenging insurance market.

Struggling to get access to desirable carriers? Need support running your agency so you can focus on selling?

There's a path for you at Voldico.

As a member, you get access to leading insurance carriers, state-of-the-art technologies, and other outstanding benefits.

Featured Insurance Carriers

Members get direct access to leading insurance carriers, including:


Why Become a Member?

Voldico wants to level the playing field, so your agency can achieve the success it deserves.

Access Top Insurance Carriers

We provide market access to over 50 leading insurance carriers.

Retain Complete Ownership of Your Agency

Stay independent. Members retain full ownership of their book of business.

Streamline Your Back Room Operations

We can provide full operational support, including payroll, data entry, claims, accounting, and more.

Walk Away at Any Time

Drop your membership at any time with no fees. We're confident you'll want to stick with us.

Connect With Industry Professionals

Participate in exclusive networking events throughout the year.

“I chose Voldico because of the service it provides in helping new agents in the insurance business. I also have close ties to the home area of Voldico and really like the way the company handles its business and opportunities for growth.”

Eric Rohls

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does it cost to join Voldico?

Nothing. We don't have any joining fees!

What carriers does Voldico provide access to?

We work with over 50 of the top national carriers as well as many top regional carriers. What carriers an agency will be appointed with is going to depend on the individual situation of the agency. View a list of our featured carriers.

What does it take to get started?

Not much! We require some housekeeping items, and once we’ve spoken with you, it’s very easily laid out.

I’m interested in learning more about joining, what are next steps?

Please complete our Ask About Membership form on the website. Once this is completed, our Director of Sales will reach out.

I don’t have an agency yet but want to start one. Does Voldico work with start-ups?

Yes. Voldico works with agencies just starting in the business as well as established agencies. 

Are there any software requirements to join?

No. We have preferred vendors and can offer suggestions, but it is not a requirement to join Voldico.

Do I give up any ownership of my agency when I join Voldico?

No. Voldico does not own any of your business. We work with independent agencies and we want to keep them just that, independent.