7 Topic Ideas for Your Insurance Agency Blog

September 13, 2023
By: Voldico

Your insurance agency blog helps spread the word about insurance. It also educates clients, draws in more clients, and raises awareness about your insurance agency within your community. However, if you're writing your own blog, coming up with new topics can be challenging. It's easy to run out of things to say. 

It's essential to keep your blog content fresh and exciting for readers by maintaining a diverse line-up of potential topics and covering different topics throughout the year. The following suggestions offer ideas for insurance blog topics that audiences will enjoy. 

1. Common Insurance Misconceptions

What insurance mistakes and misconceptions do your clients often have? If you could set the record straight on some insurance topics, what would those topics be?

Use your blog to bring clarity to the insurance business. Most likely, you'll help your audience understand insurance better while establishing yourself as a subject matter expert. When the time comes to ask someone an insurance question, clients and potential clients who follow your blog will naturally turn to you for more information. 

2. Insider Tips About Insurance

Providing industry-insider tips about insurance will help establish your blog as a source of helpful information. Examples of insider tips to share with readers:

  • Ways to save money on premiums
  • Obscure types of insurance that can help clients achieve their goals
  • Clarification about insurance terms that people find confusing
  • What to look for when reviewing an insurance policy

Think about the tips you provide clients all day: These tips translate perfectly to an online platform. 

3. Local News and Events

Don't feel like you need to spend every blog post discussing insurance. On the contrary, discussing local news and events can draw in a larger audience from your community. These posts also reveal your investment in your community and show locals you're one of them. 

These topics are suitable for drawing in an audience of people from your area and will help make your agency a natural choice for anyone from your community seeking insurance. One more reason to post local content: people from your community will take your insurance advice more seriously if they know you have unique insight into their community and factors that could affect regional and local insurance needs. Want examples of story topics?

  • Weather and traffic updates
  • Reminders about local charity drives, carnivals, and parades
  • Local sports game results

4. Fun Information About Staff

Do you have an office pet? What's your favorite vacation spot? Who from your office enjoys singing karaoke? Who has the cleanest and most organized desk in your agency? This information humanizes your staff and gives your agency a character and personality that people can appreciate.

Ultimately, providing small insights into your staff makes your agency relatable and likable. The more your clients know and like you, the more likely they will be loyal to your insurance agency and use it exclusively. 

5. Seasonal Posts

What can drivers in your area do to avoid car accidents in winter? How can homeowners keep swimmers safe in their backyard swimming pool this summer? What are the warning signs of a tornado during severe weather season, and what can homeowners in your area do to protect their property from high winds? 

Seasonal posts like this interest readers and keep them returning for more content. Seasonal content also establishes your blog's relevance to your audience. Plan to write at least one or two seasonal posts each quarter.   

6. FAQ-Style Posts

Think about the most frequently asked questions that clients ask you about insurance. Write them down and create FAQ-style blog posts for those clients who continue to have questions. Remember, it's essential to establish yourself as a subject-matter expert on all insurance matters. Writing an FAQ-style blog post will help accomplish that. 

7. Guest Blog Posts

Allowing guests to write posts on your website brings a fresh perspective to your blog. Doing this also reduces the blogging burden on you and frees up your time for doing other work around the office.

If possible, bring in a guest blogger with unique insider knowledge about a topic your clients find particularly helpful. Make it clear when a guest blogger writes for your website, and ask guest bloggers to provide information about whom clients can contact if they have questions. 

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