Trenton, Ohio Agency Expands

July 8, 2014
By: Voldico

First Voldico Insurance Ohio Location Expands

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Sherry Hoskins joined Voldico in May 2013, becoming Voldico Insurance: Sherry Hoskins Agency, but she has worked in the insurance industry for 23 years.  Sherry commented on how she was able to expand her agency and why she did it.  “Once I joined Voldico and truly understood the support that Voldico provided, it has allowed me to bring in new agents with Voldico support.”  “Someone gave me an opportunity 23 years ago.  So, I wanted to give that opportunity to new agents and help them build their own book of business.  Hopefully they can learn from some of my mistakes, lessening their learning curve”, Sherry explained.  Her agency has grown by two new agents thus far in 2014; Jennie Huddleson and Michelle Johnson.

Both agents have something special to offer the Trenton, Ohio location.  Jennie Huddleson is new to the insurance industry but her main focus is offering Property & Casualty insurance to customers.  “Sherry is very reputable in the community.  She is known among her clients to be detailed when obtaining coverage.  I wanted to gain the knowledge and skills Sherry has to offer with the support of Voldico Insurance”, Jennie says of Sherry’s already established business.   Jennie has been working with Sherry since March of 2014. 

Another Property & Casualty agent that has started at the Sherry Hoskins Agency is Michelle Johnson.  She is working on cross selling the existing book of business, with a main focus on Property & Casualty, as well.  

Sherry is looking forward to growth of the agency and Voldico is happy to have the new agents as part of the team.  “I believe as a team we can grow something much stronger than I can alone.  Bringing in other agents will bring growth and expertise to the agency.”

“We are passionate to educate our clients.  We truly go above and beyond to help the client understand their coverages and make wise decisions to protect their insurable risks.  We review for gaps in coverage and will provide solutions to protect those gaps.”