Completely Independent Insurance Agency

March 2, 2023
By: Voldico

New Network Agency in Zionsville, IN

Voldico, Osgood, Indiana – Jerry J. Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer, announced today the expansion of Voldico, LLC with a new Voldico network agency.  Completely Independent Insurance Agency is located northwest of Indianapolis, based in Zionsville, IN.

Completely Independent Insurance Agency is a full-service agency.  They are able to offer coverages for all personal and small businesses.  The agency specializes in professional high-risk clients such as condo associations, landlords, construction, law offices, and legal malpractice.

Voldico assists independent insurance agencies in writing insurance throughout the United States by providing industry leading carriers, state-of-the-art technologies, and many other outstanding benefits.  Voldico agencies are fully independent and use the partnership to excel their agencies above and beyond.

Voldico, LLC is a privately-owned independent insurance network.  Through Voldico’s Agency Network, there are over 100 agencies operating in 26 states throughout the U.S.  Voldico, LLC is headquartered out of Osgood, Indiana.

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