Voldico Published in Rough Notes Magazine

July 16, 2020
By: Voldico

Voldico, Osgood, Indiana – Jerry Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer, announced today Voldico’s feature in the July 2020 issue of Rough Notes Magazine. 

Rough Notes Magazine’s article, “Networks Work”, speaks to what an insurance network is and how it helps independent insurance agencies to get where they want to be.  In the feature, author Elisabeth Boone, interviews three agency network leaders; Andrew Caldwell of Worldwide Insurance Network and Smart Choice Agents Program, John K. Tiene of Strategic Agency Partners, and Voldico’s very own, Jerry Vollmer.

Through the interview, Jerry is able to speak directly about Voldico and the way in which insurance networks are able to set up agencies for success.

Read the full article here.


As described on their website, The Rough Notes Company, Inc, is one that serves the independent agent market.  “The Rough Notes Company is committed to developing innovative technical and educational insurance solutions that promote growth and success for the insurance professionals and the communities they serve.” *

Voldico is a privately-owned independent insurance network specializing in the Growth and Perpetuation of the Independent Insurance Agency.  Through Voldico’s Agency Network, there are over 130 agencies operating in 18 states throughout the U.S. Voldico, LLC home office is located in Osgood, Indiana.