Voldico Insurance Midwest

September 23, 2014
By: Voldico

Voldico Insurance has expanded by 5 locations throughout Central Indiana.

Voldico Insurance, Osgood, Indiana -- Voldico Insurance Midwest has now opened in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.  This group of independent insurance agents, headed by Tom Faulconer, has many years experience working and selling in the industry.  

Currently, Voldico Insurance Midwest is in five different Central Indiana cities, with the main office residing in Carmel, Indiana.  Within the Carmel location, Dori Caras is providing CSR services to agents and Mike Wolinsky is working on Agency Developement.  Insurance agents include Kristina DeHahn (Lafayette), Steve Marovich (LaPorte), Jim Maslanka (Indianapolis-North), Phil Shambaugh (Indianapolis-South), and Keith Coak (Fort Wayne).  All agents are licensed to sell Property & Casualty insurance, as well as, providing Life & Health insurance to customers.