Voldico Announces New Website

September 9, 2020
By: Ali Vollmer

Voldico, Osgood, Indiana – Jerry J. Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer, has announced a new and improved Voldico website. This website remodel comes with the evolution of Voldico and how business has changed over the past 5 years.  

“We have worked really hard on getting the Voldico website where we can really showcase who we are and what we do now in 2020. As the company continues to evolve and how we do business with agencies changes, we know the importance of appropriately displaying this on our website.  And as a consumer, the first place an agency is going to do their research is online, so it was an obvious next step for us more appropriately display what Voldico is all about. This new build also comes with the capabilities of easier updates and offers more opportunities for expansion in the future”, said Ali Vollmer, Voldico’s Director of Marketing & Communications.

The new website was built by trusted colleagues of Voldico, Avelient, Inc. Avelient, Inc is an online research, design, development, and marketing team made up of a very talented group of individuals. They work with businesses across the United States but are primarily based out of Washington state. The new and improved will go live on September 10, 2020.

For Further Information Contact:
Ali Vollmer, Director of Marketing