Eric Rohls Agency

September 23, 2015
By: Voldico

Voldico Insurance, Osgood, Indiana – Jerry J. Vollmer, Chief Executive Officer, has announced a new Voldico Insurance Agency.  

Voldico Insurance – Eric Rohls Agency, will be owned and operated by Eric Rohls out of Greensburg, Indiana. His primary focus will be to provide customers with complete and comprehensive Property and Casualty Insurance.

When asked why Eric chose to open an agency with Voldico, he responded, “I chose Voldico because of the service it provides in helping new agents in the insurance business.  I also have close ties to the home area of Voldico and really like the way the company handles their business and opportunities for growth.”

Eric previously worked in the agriculture industry at DuPont Pioneer for 13 years.  “I worked directly with our seed growers to help them produce high quality seed products.  Paying close attention to detail, we were able to find the best growing plans to meet their needs...I would like to do the same in the insurance field, providing a service to customers and finding what best suits their insurance needs.”, said Eric.

Even though Eric is new the insurance industry, he has built many relationships from the agricultural world.  He plans to create new relationships within his community, as well as, working with his previous agriculture clientele to obtain appropriate coverage for their operation and service them to grow successfully.   

Voldico Insurance is a privately owned company specializing in the Growth and Perpetuation of the Independent Insurance Agent.  Through Voldico’s Direct Agency Model, it operates 23 locations and serves 25 representatives.  With the Agency Support Model, Voldico services an additional 31 locations.  Voldico operates throughout Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Illinois, and Michigan with its Corporate Headquarters in Osgood, Indiana.