Voldico was created to help keep independent agencies like yours on the cutting edge. 

With advancements in technology, the insurance industry has become extremely competitive and many independent agents are experiencing operation overload. 

Our services are designed to streamline your business operations and help you provide more options to your customers. We want to level the playing field, so your agency can achieve the level of success it deserves.

Benefits of Membership

Access More Insurance Carriers

As an independent agency, you want to help your customers find the best insurance products available, but you can't do that without options. We can help you gain access to a greater number of well-known and trusted insurance carriers.

Retain Complete Ownership of Your Agency

You probably want to start or have started an independent insurance agency because you want to be independent. Joining Voldico won't change that. As a member, you'll retain full ownership of your book of business and complete control of your office. We provide operational support and branding to help you keep up with consumer demand. 

Walk Away at Any Time

If for any reason you don't like working with us, you can cancel your contract at any time with a written notice. You will not be subject to any fees for leaving. Our contracts are non-binding because, once you become a member, we're confident you'll want to stick with us.

Connect with Other Industry Professionals

As a member, you'll have the opportunity to participate in quarterly networking events as well as one big annual meeting of members. Network with other Voldico agents, carrier representatives, and Voldico corporate staff members. We'll also be presenting awards to agents based on production, which can include trips, giveaways, and funding for marketing.

Streamline Your Back Room Operations

Your agency should run like a well-oiled machine, so you can focus on selling insurance and providing outstanding customer service. With Branded Membership, we can provide full operational support, including payroll system management, data entry, claims services, accounting, profit/loss reports, monthly reports, acquisition and conversions strategies, and management services. 

Pay Zero Membership Fees

It may sound counterintuitive, but our Branded Membership comes with zero fees! Instead of charging you a flat fee for our services, we take a percentage of the commissions you make from writing policies. In other words, we don't make money unless you make money. Your success is in our best interest. 

“Voldico has given me the opportunity to offer my clients so many more options when it comes to shopping for their insurance. Whether it is their home, autos, farm, or life, Voldico has put me in a position where I can truly be a one-stop-shop for my clients!”

Michelle Boyd

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