The insurance industry is changing. Owning an insurance agency is harder in today's marketplace than ever before.

Selling Your Agency?

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Voldico provides a truly unique opportunity to own and operate a cutting-edge independent insurance agency.

Joining our premier insurance agency cluster carries with it several benefits that will enhance the competitiveness of an agency and increase the number of opportunities for someone who is opening or looking to expand their agency.

We now offer two levels of membership to fit the unique needs of your agency -- Network and Branded.

In addition to many other benefits, Network Membership provides independent agencies with access to some of the country’s top insurance carriers while retaining the brand you’ve worked hard to build over the years. 

Our Branded Membership option is fully supported and (in addition to the same market access), provides agents with operational and customer service support while paying zero membership fees.

Eric Rohls

“I chose Voldico because of the service it provides in helping new agents in the insurance business. I also have close ties to the home area of Voldico and really like the way the company handles their business and opportunities for growth.”

We've helped insurance agents like you streamline their operations, improve customer service, and increase the number of options they can provide to their customers, all while maintaining complete ownership of their agencies. 

Does this sound like a network you'd like to join? Read on to learn more about what a membership in the Voldico network will mean for your independent agency.