Voluntary Benefits

Supplemental insurance coverage for your employees at no direct cost to you.

Are you looking for a way to attract and retain top talent at your business while simultaneously keeping costs down? 

Then you should consider adding Voluntary Benefits to your current benefits package.

At little or no cost to your business, you can provide optional insurance coverage options to your employees, including:

  • Accident—coverage to offset unexpected medical expenses that may result from a covered accidental injury  
  • Critical Illness—coverage that complements major medical coverage by providing a lump-sum benefit for an employee diagnosed with a covered critical illness 
  • Hospital Indemnity—coverage that provides a lump-sum benefit to help with out of pocket costs related to a hospital stay
  • Short & Long Term Disability—coverage that replaces a percentage of an employee’s income if he or she becomes disabled as a result of a covered accident or sickness

Benefits to Employee

Offered through Colonial Life, Voluntary Benefits provide protection from the leading cause of bankruptcy in the United States—medical bills. 

Other benefits include:

  • Affordable group rates
  • No lifetime limits
  • Flexibility in coverage options

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