Meet the people who keep it all in check.

From signing new agencies to providing customer service for insurers, our leadership team makes sure operations run smoothly.

Jerry Vollmer - CEO of VoldicoJerry Vollmer

Jerry oversees the organization to help maintain direction and focus of all administrative positions for sales and operations. He’s been in the insurance business since 1977 with selling life, crop, and property & casualty insurance. Jerry owned and operated Vollmer Insurance until 2001 when he sold it to MainSource Financial Group, then becoming President & CEO of MainSource Insurance. However, in 2010, he purchased the entire insurance division from MainSource Financial Group and started his own insurance operation, Voldico.

John Robinson - President of VoldicoJohn Robinson

John coordinates new agent prospecting, onboarding and sales development efforts.  He manages merger and acquisitions and is the primary relationship manager for industry association and insurance carrier activities.  John has a deep insurance background with over 25 years of experience in senior executive positions managing insurance agencies, carriers and financial providers.

DeeAnn Stahley - CFO of VoldicoDeeAnn Shane
Chief Financial Officer

DeeAnn has primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of Voldico. She directs and oversees all aspects of the Finance and Accounting functions of the organization. DeeAnn develops and analyzes all financial reports on a regular basis.

Lisa SeitzLisa Seitz - Operations Officer at Voldico
Chief Operations Officer

As the Chief Operations Officer, Lisa is responsible for all activities relating to the development, communication and operation of the Voldico Insurance and Encore agents and agencies from the Home Office location.


Ali Vollmer - Director of Marketing at VoldicoAli Vollmer
Director of Marketing and Communications

Ali is responsible for all activities relating to the development and communications of all marketing, advertising, public relations, and internal communications of Voldico.


Kim Westerfeld - Claims Manager at VoldicoKim Westerfeld
Director of Customer Service and Claims 

Kim is responsible for all activities relating to the development, communication, and operation fo the Voldico Customer Service Center program and all claims activity for agents and agencies from the Home Office location.


Reyna Dieckmann - Senior Accounting Officer at VoldicoReyna Dieckmann
Senior Accounting Officer

Reyna is responsible for assigned accounting functions including reconciliation of company commission statements, accounts payable, and maintaining the Aged Receivable and Company Payable GL accounts. 


Andrew Vollmer - Product Marketer at VoldicoAndrew Vollmer
Director of Sales

As the Director of Sales for Voldico, Andrew is responsible for any communication with potential prospective agencies seeking to join Voldico.  He handles this process from the initial conversation through the onboarding process.

Jesse Haessig - Internal Benefits Marketer at VoldicoJesse Haessig
Director of Compliance

Jesse is responsible for all onboarding activities involving new employees, agents and agencies within the Voldico family of companies.


Daniel Leonetti
Director of P+C Training and Risk ConsultantDaniel Leonetti

Daniel is proficient with risk placement on commercial and personal lines of business.  He works with Voldico agents to appropriately place business and assists them in becoming self-sufficient in quoting and binding within their agency.