10 Tips for Improving Your Insurance Agency's Customer Service

April 27, 2015
By: Voldico

The difference between an amazing customer experience and a terrible one boils down to just a few small changes here and there.

Many agents see sales and customer service as two separate aspects of running their business. In reality, customer service should be a part of your on-going sales strategy. If your entire book of business is thrilled to do business with you and feels appreciated as a customer, you will not need to prospect – your customers will spread the word for you!

Here are some tips for improving your agency’s customer service experience --

1. Manage First Impressions And Build Lasting Impressions.

First impressions set the tone for your entire relationship. Show your clients that you are a rock star by going beyond the call of duty. This will leave a lasting impression and will keep them coming back for more. 

2. Build Rapport.

Show your customers that you care about them by acting like it and meaning it. Smile at them, use their name often and try to make a personal connection with new customers you meet. Let them know you care by showing sympathy and empathy at the right times. 

3. Show Up On Time.

This one may seem silly, but punctuality is very important. Showing up late to an appointment is a sign of disrespect. Respect your client’s time as much as your own. In fact, be a little early to show how enthusiastic you are about the meeting!

4. Be Accountable And Take Ownership.

Never blame someone else when something goes wrong. Take responsibility and ownership over the entire customer experience. 

5. Do Your Very Best.

Under-promise and over-deliver. Your customers expect the very best from you, so work hard and be diligent. Exceed expectations and aim for perfection, even if it is not achievable. 

6. Always Establish “Next Steps.”

Whether helping a client through underwriting, policy issuance or a claim, be sure to end every interaction by providing the next steps and setting expectations. Clients do not always expect problems to be resolved right away, but in almost every situation, they certainly want to know that things are moving forward.

7. Be Proactive.

Call even when there is not a problem. Check in from time to time to let clients know you are thinking about them and to make sure they are happy with your service. You never know, a spontaneous call can often end with writing an unexpected policy. 

8. Ask For Feedback.

Provide comment cards and/or offer incentives (like small gift cards) for leaving feedback. Make sure you have an online reviews page, so you can point customers to a quick and easy way to leave comments. Follow through on suggestions and let your customers know that you hear them. 

9. Say Thank You!

Always thank an existing customer after providing a new referral. Let them know how much you appreciate their business. Send thank you letters to all new clients, welcoming them to your agency. Being polite goes a long way. 

10. Be Responsive And Always Follow Through.

Every time. If there is a problem, respond as quickly as possible. Return calls within a reasonable amount of time and if you have to pass on a problem to another team member, circle back with the customer to ensure the issue has been resolved. 

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