Share This: Insurance Gaps Infographic

April 6, 2016
By: Voldico

Need a little help with your social content? This infographic from Safeco is a good start.

Sharing informative content on your social media profiles--such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google+--is an effective way to reach new clients and maintain your existing client-base by providing helpful facts and insights into a complicated topic, all while promoting your independent insurance agency.

Take this infographic for example. (Seriously, you can literally take it and share it on your profiles!) In a few bite-sized paragraphs and images, it provides a notable amount of information that most people don't even know they're missing: common gaps in their insurance coverage.

As they're scrolling through their newsfeed or wall, checking up on family and friends, they'll come across this tidbit of information from your agency that shows that they may be in the dark on some aspects of their insurance coverage.

You could even go so far as to reach out to your current clients by email and ask if--perhaps to start the new year off confidently--they'd like to come in for a quick appointment to review their coverage and ensure that they don't have any gaps.

How Does This Help My Agency or Customers?

Sharing this information reflects well on your agency, showing that you are a caring expert who doesn't want to leave valued clients in the dark. It is a great step towards business transparency and building customer trust and retention, which are hugely important in today's market.

So What Should I Do Next?

We invite and encourage you to share this infographic on your Facebook, Twitter, and / or Google+ profiles. After doing that, we highly recommend continuing to seek out helpful information to post frequently (once or twice a week is usually the golden number), to build your audience and expert reputation.

Not sure where to start? Try Googling a topic you're interested in talking about, along with the phrase "Infographic", and go to the Images tab. From there you should be met with several infographic options. Be sure to credit the sources, or use the site's contact information to ask for permission.