How to Market Insurance During Covid-19: Agent Tips and Tricks

November 11, 2020
By: Voldico

In these uncertain times, how do agents thoughtfully and successfully market insurance to families and clients reeling from the effects of Covid-19? Read on to learn how. 

If there has been one constant throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s uncertainty. The deep worry about catching the virus itself, surviving if infected, or concern over being a “silent carrier” are only the tip of the anxiety iceberg for the average family - financial issues over lost work, lost wages, and industry slowdowns are just as fear-inducing. 

As an insurance sales professional, marketing your products and services amid all these variables is, in a word, challenging. 

Going with your “normal” approaches can leave you gun-shy about coming across as flippant or tone-deaf. Leaning too hard on Covid-19 messaging can make it seem as if you’re fear-mongering. 

So where exactly is the sweet spot between authenticity and concern?

Contribute to the Conversation

As the country navigates a new normal of social distancing, we’ve never felt farther from one another. In light of these ever-widening gaps of social interaction, one-way messaging becomes easy to ignore - instead, you’ll need to be as proactive as possible. 

Ask questions and spark conversations on social media, and keep it light without being trivial. Remember, your readers’ (and potential clients’) social media feeds are already full of heavy topics and news stories, and yet another reminder of the troublesome state of the world won’t be a welcome contribution. 

Dispel “common Covid-19 insurance myths'' with a positive spin, or share scientific breakthroughs on vaccine efficiency. It’s alright to touch on the elephant in the room as long as you stay upbeat - there’s no getting around the fact everyone’s talking about it, after all. 

Setting yourself up as an interested and invested follower of trustworthy news on the virus will help increase your authority with potential clients.

What About the “Other Side?”

Some agents are hesitant to express full-throated support of scientific advancements, for fear of alienating prospects that “don’t believe” in Covid-19 as a whole, or the severity of the spread. 

Bear in mind that individuals that don’t believe the virus is real or a threat are also unlikely to seek out initial or supplemental insurance in response to it. This isn’t to say that an agent needs to insult or harp on those that don’t share their virus-cautioned views, but nor do they need to soften them to appear “balanced” or amp them up to inspire fear. 

How Can I Reach Potential Clients Right Now?

Social distancing certainly makes it difficult to connect with potential clients, doesn’t it? The usual street festivals, events, networking summits, and so on that used to be prime territory for passing out cards and flyers are, by necessity, shuttered right now. 

This is an excellent time to think outside the box, and consider the things and places people are still interacting with:

  • Food (and Insurance) Delivery: With gig-based food delivery working overtime in response to restaurants closing dining rooms, bags, pizza boxes, and so on are finding their way into homes across the nation at a much higher rate. 

    Striking a deal with a local pizza delivery provider can get your flyers on top of every box that’s delivered.
  • Protective Gear-a-gram: While this is a marketing expenditure that can add up quickly, sending your prospective clients a letter with a new disposable mask enclosed - along with a note that links it with your professional motivation to “protect them and their family” - can go a long way to sparking actional interest for a quote.
  • Content / Inbound Marketing: While you’re stuck indoors and away from events, it’s a good time to take a critical look at your business website and social media accounts. 

    Are you prominently using terms and phrases associated with your insurance niche? Have you made it easy for prospects to contact you quickly and easily? If not, this is a low-effort, high-reward project to work with until vaccines start to make the world a bit safer.

Your would-be clients are still out there, ready to be pitched to - the path to get to them just looks a bit different these days. It is possible to advertise - and advertise successfully - as an insurance agent during Covid-19, but you’ll need to get creative and stay dedicated to stay a step ahead of the competition. 

One way to do that is by joining an insurance cluster like Voldico, where collective experience and reach can help your business stay thriving, even in these highly unusual times of uncertainty.