6 Marketing Tips for Generating More Leads

May 13, 2020
By: Voldico

Leads are the gasoline that keeps your agency's motor running, and long-term success depends heavily on finding and exploring new methods of connecting with those leads.

Sure, there's cold-calling and cold-emailing, and working lists will likely always be a part of the process, but they're definitely not the only game in town anymore. Have you tried any of these six clever methods for attracting insurance leads? If not, it may be time to start developing them to grow your business.

#1 - Ally with a complementary business

If you sell boat insurance, a well-placed stack of cards by the register at a local boating supply store could tap into a lucrative niche market. Whether those customers have just purchased their first boat, are considering their first boat, or simply need a new insurance agency, you'll be well-placed to scoop up leads in need. 

Note: Always ask before dropping business cards or brochures; not every business is interested in keeping them on the counter.

#2 - Sponsor local youth organizations

A mainstay of restaurants and other small businesses in town, sponsoring a local independent or school-associated group is an excellent way to remind their parents that you care about other members of the community. Whether it's a sports team, marching band, or other organization, it will put you at the forefront of casual conversations and make business card-passing that much more organic. 

Interact with "your" team by sending messages of encouragement on social media, cheering them at the game, or even sending them some pizzas during practice in solidarity for their hard work.

#3 - Attend networking events

There's a misconception that insurance sales always need to be aimed at an individual in need; in reality, a great pitch to someone can include their entire network. A great example is speaking to a policyholder with USAA insurance. While it's true that their non-military friends won't be able to obtain the same policy they have, a good impression with that individual means they might just recommend your services as an alternative.

#4 - Post on bulletin boards

Usually found in municipal buildings like the public library, local restaurants, and schools, the free-for-all bulletin board puts your business card front-and-center for all to see. Make it easy to take by pinning up a small envelope-like sleeve with several cards, and you'll be able to reach out directly to curious potential clients in your own hometown.

#5 - Connect free giveaways to the services you offer

A clever bit of "swag," such as a branded umbrella, will remind your existing customers that they're "completely covered," while a small first-aid kit intended for the glove box will remind them that you're "there when they need you." (While big giveaways aren't always in the budget for an independent agency, even small emergency flashlights with your logo and contact information on them will go a long way.) 

Offer free advice and/or consultations. It's no secret that people like free, and you'd be hard-pressed to find someone that doesn't have at least one question when it comes to insurance. Institute an open-door policy for individuals seeking quotes and guidance, and don't be shy about advertising that fact. Avoid the "hard sell" when they're in the office, give them a little information to help their decisions, and don't be surprised when they come back to sign a policy with you. 

#6 - Join a membership alliance

Voldico helps your insurance business look even more professional, and free membership offers a host of benefits that support the growth of your business. Leads flow in naturally without the effort of cold-contacting endless lists, and you get more time to focus on what really matters: your clients.