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Suspended from Amazon? Protect your bottom line.

Talk to Voldico about Amazon Income Protection Insurance, a new way to safeguard your online revenue while navigating the reinstatement process.

What is Amazon Income Protection Insurance?

Amazon Income Protection Insurance is the first-ever program that protects income for online sellers suddenly suspended from Amazon.

The plan costs slightly more than $2 per day and provides peace of mind knowing that you can safeguard your business while working to resolve issues with Amazon.

What does this insurance cover?

This insurance policy covers loss of income and extra expense coverage for online sellers in the event they are suspended by Amazon for reasons outside their control.

The policy generally offers 90 days of protection in a year with limits up to $1,000,000. 

Even sellers who have been suspended in the past may still qualify for this insurance program.

Yes, there’s some fine print.

As with any insurance policy, there are important terms and conditions that you can learn more about from your Voldico agent.

This unique insurance plan is only available to appropriately-licensed, US-based businesses and will not protect you in the event of misrepresentation or fraud.

Clients must follow our specified claims process that includes submitting the claim in a timely manner, providing appropriate documentation and working with an outside consultant on the reinstatement.